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Why Joomla!?
Joomla was created in 2005 by a group of developers that had been part of another CMS project called Mambo.
The name Joomla is an English spelling of the Swahili word jumla meaning "all together" or "as a whole". It was
chosen to reflect the commitment of the development team and community to the project. The first release of
Joomla! was announced on September 16, 2005. This was a re-branded release of Mambo combined with
other bug and security fixes. We began using Joomla! in October of 2005 and by the end of the that year, had
decided that was our CMS.
As of May 2007, if you ask Google about Joomla, it returns 47.3 million references, Mambo 34.4 and Drupal 18.2
Joomla! is Open Source and free. They derive much of their revenue from donations. So, if you decide to use
this in your business, we encouage you to show your support at
Whatever way you want to organize your content, Joomla won't complain. If you don't know the answer
to the question When should I create Static Content and when Content Items (those items organized in
Sections and Categories)? - this will not hinder you from doing great things with your website.
Unless your website has lots of material. In this case, you'd better learn it. After all, this is one of the
best features that a CMS will offer you, and that was not possible in a static website.


how to design website

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The purpose of making a website is to communicate with the outsiders about a company and to provide adequate information that is relevant for that person to make a decision to transact with the company.
Make your lines shorter. You have got to check the length of the lines and ensure that they are not too long to strain the readers as they are rolling their eyes from one place to the other. Just like in newspaper and magazines design, you should try to make use of the columns instead of having long lines. Let the lines be less than 500 pixels if possible.
Make your pages shorter. Still to enhance the readability your site, you have got to make your pages shorter. It is recommended that a page should work for you well if it is not more than 1000 pixels, It is always advisable that a web designer tries much to make the site content readable by doing a professional design that will actually enhance that. The following points will assist a web designer enhance readability in the site he or she is designing.
Check the spacing. Do not economize the lines too much to fit in as particular page by minimizing the spacing, Check your font size. A good website should not torment the reader's eyes as he or she is straining to read. You have to put large fonts that will indeed enhance the readability, Check the color backgrounds. It is highly recommended that you make use of the background colors in a way that content will be readable. Try to use contrasting colors but avoid putting a lot of texts on textured backgrounds. This will make the reader strain to get what is inside the background.
Designing a website in the backdrop of the ever looming financial downturns is certainly an admirable endeavour. The financial reasons for creating a website are all the more important in the current situation and, therefore, developing a certain 'revenue churner' while utilizing the minimal possible resources is certainly a tough thing to do.

A website today is a good one for its creator when it fetches in an amount that enables the website owner to recover the money that has been invested in creating the website. In other words, a good website in the world today is one that enables the company to achieve the break-even point within the least possible amount of time. Therefore, a good web designing company should focus its available resources towards the quest for seeking out ways and means of designing wonderful websites with the financial implication of those endeavors being minimum.
The purpose of the principle of proximity is to organize information in a way that enables viewers to quickly and easily comprehend. When information is organized, people are more likely to read it and respond. People are also more likely to remember information that is organized.
How can you determine if items form a visual unit? Squint your eyes and look at the page on a website. Now count the number of times your eye stops as it views the page. On a page that is using the principle of proximity well, your eye will stop three to five times. In other words, there will be three to five groups of information for the eye to comprehend separately.
You can contrast large type with small type, a serif font with a sans-serif font, bold with light, smooth texture with rough texture, a small graphic with a large one, a dark color with a light one, Contrast can be created in many ways, A design that integrates these principles will automatically gain a professionalism and polish that it would otherwise lack.


Why CSS?

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The old way of changing the way your text looks in HTML has been outdated. The new way to do it is by using style sheets. Learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is really worth the effort. One main reason is for consistency - you don't have to remember every single detail of how each font is set up. There is also a factor of readability when you are looking at the raw code. It also saves a lot of work. Instead of having to type all the font attributes each time you need to change the formatting, all you have is a simple "span" or "p" tag. And all that is needed to change the look of your fonts site-wide is simply change the attributes in the Cascading Style Sheet

Basic CSS text style definitions:

The style definition starts with a dot (.) then a name for the style. Make it descriptive and easy to remember. (Built-in tags such as H1 tags, etc. do not start out with a dot.)
The definition is surrounded by curly braces { and } and the individual attributes are separated by a semicolon (;)

To set the font family, size and weight:

.smalltext {"Times New Roman", Times, serif;
font-size: 10px;
font-weight: normal;

You can change the color and make it bold:

.redtext {"Times New Roman", Times, serif;
font-size: 12px;
font-weight: bold;
color: #FF0000;

You can make it a san-serif font and increase the spacing between the lines:

.spacedtext {
font-size: 12px;
font-weight: bold;
line-height: 150%;
color: #000000;

You can make it look like it was typewritten:

.couriertext {"Courier New", Courier, monospace;
font-size: 14px;
font-style: normal;
line-height: 100%;
font-weight: normal;

To make it italic and underlined:

.underlineditalic {
font-size: 12px;
text-decoration : underline;
text-decoration : italic;
color: #000000;

To make a line through the text use:

text-decoration: linethrough;

You can center the text, left or right-justify:


To apply the styles to your text, you can start the paragraph off with the "p" tag (p class="normaltext") for example, interrupt the format in mid-sentence if you wish with the "span" tag (span class="redtext") then resume the regular font by simply closing the span tag. Note: The tags above are surrounded by the greater than sign (<) and the less-than sign (>) but there is no way to display them properly in this article.

Hint If you wish to make a habit of changing font attributes in-line, you'll want to be sure to keep your font sizes, line height, etc. consistent.

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Internet is beautiful

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Very much that we can get with the internet and web, all information needs we can get to easily,
plus the number of facilities that we can use the Internet, such as, any information we want we can get a look in here, from the science school, household science, science world, witchcraft is also, let us use the most - a good idea all these facilities, let us increase our knowledge with learning and always continue to seek knowledge in this.
For those of you who love fashion world, there is.
For those who like the business world, there is.
For those who like socia, For those who love to cook, also exist.
from the trivial to have a special on the internet / web in the world.
We must be smart - smart all the news and information on the internet, do not we wrong to interpret or understand. what we see in this web information. For the hobby with the web, please continue to learn and explore the knowledge you need on the web.
Success to the Internet web hobbies